Fashion Herbs Gold Fairness Bleach- 300g (Indian)

৳ 480.00

  • Product Type: Gold Bleach
  • Brand: Fashion Herbs
  • Gender: Men & Women
  • Capacity: 300g
  • Skin Type: All Skin Types
  • UV Protected
  • All Day Usage Cream For Radiance & Glow
  • Leaves the skin radiant


Fashion herbs gold bleach price in Bangladesh

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Fashion Herbs Gold Fairness Bleach
Fashion Herbs Gold Fairness Bleach

Secondly, Due to its great resistance to microorganisms and “bio-compatibility,” gold is now employed in pharmaceuticals and has grown in significance to modern medicine. Gold has a high weight to volume ratio, which allows it to quickly penetrate skin cells and create the world’s most advanced anti-aging compound, producing results in a very short amount of time.

makes the skin fairer and more radiant by lightening the hair to match the color of the skin. Because of its gentle formulation, the skin is not irritated and has a more natural texture.

Fashion Herbs Gold Fairness Bleach

Thirdly, It gives the skin a more organic texture. The hair is lightened to match the skin tone. It assists in both repairing existing skin damage and averting further harm. It assists in naturally lightening skin tone and assisting in the decolorization of hair.

So Use Fem Fairness Naturals Gold Bleach to give your skin a gloss that resembles gold. It is a safe and efficient product that lightens and brightens the skin tone without the addition of ammonia by eliminating any dead skin cells from the skin’s surface and preventing the growth of any new pigmentation cells. With the help of Fem Fairness Naturals Gold Bleach, say welcome to skin that is healthy, radiant, and glowing like gold

Highlights Fashion Herbs Gold Bleach

✔All Day Usage Cream For Radiance & Glow

✔For Women, Men

✔Organic Type: Herbal

✔UV Protected


  • Quantity : 300 g
  • Applied For : Radiance & Glow
  • Organic Type : Herbal
  • Ideal For : Women, Men
  • Type : Cream
  • Composition : GOLD POWDER
  • Container Type : Jars
  • Skin Type : ALL SKIN TYPES
  • UV Protection : Yes
  • Region : Indian


About this item

Fashion herbs gold bleach
Fashion Herbs Gold Fairness Bleach 300g

Give natural skin glow
Improved texture and fairer complexion
Removes impurities and fades facial blemishes form deep within
Allows enough penetration of oxygen into your skin and gives you diamond like radiance.

Usage Gold Bleach :

Fashion herbs gold bleach price in Bangladesh
Directions For Use

First clean the face, Mix2 spatulas of bleach cream & 2 pinches of activator powder together. Make sure the ratio is not less than 4(cream): 1(activator). Keep stirring bleach & activator for 2mins, till powder dissolves completely. Also,  Apply the mixture on desired areas. Avoid eye brows and area around eyes. Keep the mixture on the skin for at least 10-15 mins. Lastly,  Use normal water to clean. In case of irritation, wash immediately.

Safety Information :

Patch test is advisable on arms before use. Don’t use soap at least for 6 hours after the bleach,

  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Store in a cool & dry place
  • For external use only


Fashion herbs gold bleach price in Bangladesh | JashoreMart

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