Face Primer Price In BD

Face Primer Price In BD – According to celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg, face primer is a cream product that can be applied to the face to even out skin tone. “Face primer also primes the face making makeup last longer and look smoother,” she explains. It can also keep the natural oils from the skin of your eyelids at bay.

How does face primer works?

Primers work by creating an even and oil-free surface for you to apply your foundation, which allows it to bond with your skin. This can really give your foundation staying power, explains Courtney Summers, a makeup artist and founder of VaultBeauty. Using a facial primer doesn’t have to add to the time it takes to complete your makeup routine, especially when you consider the fact that some foundations come with primer built-in. “There are some amazing products with built-in primers that last all day and can save you time.”

Technic Smoothing Face Primer
Face Primer Price In BD

Latest Face Primer Price In BD

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How to apply face primer?

If you decide to give it a try, look for a primer that will work with the type of foundation you use, paying close attention to whether they work best alongside liquid or powder-based formulas. To apply, Greenberg suggests getting the thinnest amount possible, using your fingers or a foundation brush. Again, if you apply too much, it can make blending difficult. “I love to use my hands or a brush to make sure I don’t miss any spots.”

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