Makeup Products Price In BD

Makeup Products Price in BD –

Firstly, makeup products are very popular among girls in our country. Moreover, different kinds of products are available in market. We will now discuss about these items below.

  • Primers – use – Apply on the face before makeup, creating a typically transparent, smooth layer over the top of the skin. Moreover, It allows makeup applying smoothly and evenly. .
  • Concealer is a cream or liquid product. Use- To conceal marks or blemishes of the skin. Concealer is typically the color of the user’s skin tone.
  • Foundation is a cream, liquid, mousse or powder product. It helps creating a smooth and even base in the user’s skin tone. Foundation provides a generally lower amount of coverage than concealer.
  • Blusher is a liquid, cream or powder product applied to the center of the cheeks with the intention of adding or enhancing their natural color. Blushers are typically available in shades of pink or warm tan and brown.
  • Bronzer is a powder, cream or liquid product that adds color to the skin, typically in bronze or tan shades intended to give the skin a tanned appearance and enhance the color of the face.

Highlighter is a liquid, cream or powder product. Applying to the high points of the face such as the eyebrows, nose and cheekbones.

  • Eyebrow pencils – Use- to color, fill in, and define the brows. Eyebrow tinting treatments are also effective to dye the eyebrow hairs a darker color, either temporarily or permanently, without staining and coloring the skin underneath the eyebrows.
  • Eyeshadow is a powder, cream or liquid pigmented product. Use- to draw attention to  accentuate and change the shape of the area around the eyes, on the eyelid and the space below the eyebrows.
Makeup Products Price In BD
                                         Makeup Products Price In BD

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Makeup Products Price In BD

  • Eyeliner is used to enhance and elongate the apparent size or depth of the eye; though eyeliner is commonly black, it can come in many different colors, including brown, white and blue. Eyeliner can come in the form of a pencil, a gel or a liquid.
  • False eyelashes –  It extends, exaggerates and adds volume to the eyelashes. Consisting generally of a small strip to which hair – either human, mink or synthetic – is attached, false eyelashes are typically applied to the lash line using glue, which can come in latex and latex free varieties; magnetic false eyelashes, which attach to the eyelid after magnetic eyeliner is applied.
  • Mascara is used to darken, lengthen, thicken, or enhance the eyelashes. Mascara is commonly black, brown or clear, though a number of different colors. Some of them contains glitter.
  • Face powdersetting powder, or setting sprays are used to ‘set’ foundation or concealer, giving it a matte or consistent finish whilst also concealing small flaws or blemishes. Both powders and setting sprays claim to keep makeup from absorbing into the skin or melting off.
  • Nail polish is a liquid. People uses it to color the fingernails and toenails.

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